13 million tons of tires

Annually, more than 13 million tons of tires a are being scrapped worldwide of which 3.4 million tons are being scrapped in the EU alone. In many countries, including Denmark, up to 100% of scrap tires are collected. But in many countries, they are not. Used tires are known as problematic waste due to combustion that results in emission of toxic gases. In many countries scrap tires are simply being accumulated or piled up in nature.

The combustion creates pollution and only a fraction of the energy that was used in the manufacturing process of tires, is utilized. With the T2O technology waste tires becomes a raw material which can be converted into valuable commodities and sold at a profit. At the same time the T2O technology is a big win for the environment and the recycling way of thinking.

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Tires-to-Oil (T2O) in short

The T2O technology is a profitable and green investment. We convert a problematic waste fraction into oil, carbon black and steel.

There are no pollution from the process and our system provides a safe and secure working environment.

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T2O and the environment

Gigantic stocks of used tires pile up many places in the world. In other places they are used for incineration or granulation. Whatever method used, it is problematic for the environment and not a good business. With the T2O technology we recycle the tires into their basics: Oil, carbon black and steel.

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Plants at work

The pyrolysis technology has been used for centuries. In our recent plants we have brought the technology to new levels and we are still developing our plants to reach higher efficiency and better quality. In September 2018 we will inaugurate the newest designed plant in Denmark

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From waste to value

The real innovative in this technology is the extent of recycling and the fully automated process. This creates the possibility of positive earnings from the sale of commodities. All products from the process can be sold profitably because there is a global demand in oil products, steel and carbon.

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Latest News


The week is finished and after 1 litter oil new plans are established;

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
24 DEC 2018

From T2O Egebjerg, we would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We hope you will be able to finalise a busy and meaningful work year soon and find the time to enjoy Christmas with family and friends.


100% recycling of vehicle tyres more


We had a positive dialogue with our supplier about the future steps.

We visited the Pyrolysis operating model, Viking.

T2O Egebjerg has formed a new partnership with DTU Chemical Engineering for the purpose of sharing experience and knowledge on thermal- and pyrolysis processes for recycling of scraped tires.

CFO - Egil Rindorf
22 MAY 2018

Egil Rindorf - Our new T2O Egebjerg project director.

Odsherred Kommune & Clean Energy
11 MAY 2018

We are still working with Odsherred Municipality and Clean Energy to achieve our goals with the T2O Egebjerg factory

Our technology partners in the cluster

True stories
True Stories provide communication for us. www.truestories.eu
Force teknologi
Force helps with analysis of our samples as well as environmental technical issues.. www.forcetechnology.com
Niras A/S
Niras arbejder vi sammen med omkring bygningstekniske foranstaltninger. www.niras.dk
Kullegaard A/S
Kullegaard helps with technology and building design.
visual R&D conceptualization, co-creation and visualization. www.kirt-thomsen.com
Vaekstfonden has helped with support for the project.
Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn A/S
Sparekassen SJ-Fyn has helped with support for the project.